Open source projects

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I work on differents open source projects, here is the place where you can found them.

Please be sure you choose a finished project if you want to copy-paste instructions.

Turn a raspberry 2 into a small webcam that provide pictures.
The goal is to setup an USB webcam on a Raspberry and to take picture on a cyclic way.
The solution is able to transfer the picture to a remote directory (on a web server for example).
Transform a raspberry Pi 3 into a multimedia center that can display all media stored on a NAS.
Raspberry has a very low consumption, so it can be a cheap media-center that can display your photos and of course play your favorite music. As Raspberry use SD card, I store my medias on a NAS.
The Raspberry Pi 3 is powerful, but the audio output has a very low quality.
As I plane to use my Raspberry as a multimedia center and as I'm a music lover, I need more quality.
This tutorial will deal with the possibility to turn on / off a screen with a infrared motion sensor.
The PIR (motion) sensor seems to be a good cheap product (about $10 on
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Création d'un smart mirror pour afficher les courbes de consommation d'une douche et la température ambiante.
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