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I work on differents open source projects, here is the place where you can found them.

Please be sure you choose a finished project if you want to copy-paste instructions.

Turn a raspberry 2 into a small webcam that provide pictures.
The goal is to setup an USB webcam on a Raspberry and to take picture on a cyclic way.
The solution is able to transfer the picture to a remote directory (on a web server for example).
Transform a raspberry Pi 3 into a multimedia center that can display all media stored on a NAS.
Raspberry has a very low consumption, so it can be a cheap media-center that can display your photos and of course play your favorite music. As Raspberry use SD card, I store my medias on a NAS.
The Raspberry Pi 3 is powerful, but the audio output has a very low quality.
As I plane to use my Raspberry as a multimedia center and as I'm a music lover, I need more quality.
This tutorial will deal with the possibility to turn on / off a screen with a infrared motion sensor.
The PIR (motion) sensor seems to be a good cheap product (about $10 on
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Ce projet à pour but de construire un dispositif d'affichage à base de LED RVB pour une salle de bain. Le panneaux doit pouvoir afficher une ambiance de couleurs en fonction de la température de l'eau de la douche. Un capteur de poids doit également pouvoir afficher un texte.
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